Law enforcement investigators lose many hours of valuable time while gathering and reviewing records. Without efficient data systems to compile various reports and information, solving cases becomes more challenging and time consuming.

At Derry Software, we know well the difficulties officers face in collecting and analyzing data, and how critical time is to any criminal investigation. Our staff has over fifteen years of experience in developing intelligence systems for law enforcement that are focused on aiding them in conducting investigations. Our company purpose is to provide officers working at the local level with better access to their information, assisting them in solving cases more efficiently; on time and on target. Our solution for this purpose is named MSAT, the Multi Source Analysis Tool.

MSAT was envisioned by Jim Derry, the president of Derry Software. His vision has been turned into reality thanks to the efforts of the entire Derry Software team. MSAT creates inclusive data analytics packages to sanction faster results for specific investigations. Law enforcement can use MSAT to retrieve, import, and analyze information from various internal and external sources, including local databases, cell phone extractions, exports from other databases, and spreadsheets created manually by the investigator. MSAT combines the information from all these different sources into a single search result using its built-in ability to search all available sources at the same time.

The result of this query is a simple to read, and easy to use search result interface. Officers can sort, search, filter, and modify the number of results returned in their searches using MSAT. This greatly improves their ability to identify information they are looking for, and information that may not otherwise be presenting itself to the investigator. The results can be exported or printed, and the search criteria saved for fast future updates. This search result interface will save officers time and get the information they need to them faster!

At Derry Software, we ensure that MSAT users always maintain full control of their information and have unlimited availability to their records . Reporting information to another database and giving or losing control of information is not required to use MSAT. MSAT safeguards information with multiple levels of security, limiting access to locally authorized users. MSAT will help law enforcement solve more crime and spend less money and time.

If you are interested in learning more about Derry Software or any of its products, you may contact us at, or call us at 833-USE-MSAT.

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