Law enforcement investigators rely on tips to help them solve crimes. We have developed a new solution in MSAT (Multi Source Analysis Tool) that combines software we created with technology every investigator won’t leave home without. Our simple and efficient method for entering information in a database captures the date, time, location (including lat/long), suspect, and narrative in less than a minute. MSAT is available from any location with an internet connection. 

Information is received by investigators via phone, email, text message, and in conversations they have throughout each day.  This can result in a lot of valuable information for use in investigations.  It can also be time-consuming and problematic to process.

There are many websites, hotlines, and databases for handling tips.  The analysts who man them will either enter information directly into a database or complete a form or checklist before data entry.  These methods are very helpful in getting the most accurate and complete information possible.

But people don’t always use the hotlines to provide information.  They may contact an investigator directly. The investigator who receives a tip when they are out of the office may not be able to enter the information for analysis until they return. This creates double work by writing the information now and entering it in the database later.    

Losing time to write and record information multiple times and possibly losing information in the process are significant problems for managing tips. One way to overcome these problems is to develop a dedicated form for every officer to keep with them.  The form could even be modified for cell phone use by creating a spreadsheet and then making it available on the investigator’s cell phone.  Spreadsheets are like mini databases and can be searched against.  But these records aren’t connected with the rest of the case information.

MSAT provides a new alternative. It saves investigators hundreds of hours over the course of a year with this feature.  The accurate and complete entry of the information results in better investigative leads, as well as searchable suspect and location-specific information.  The same steps used to store tips can also be followed for tracking other investigative activities such as Controlled Purchases, Surveillance, and Field Interviews.

We are excited about this new way to capture information and believe it will save you 100 hours this year.  Contact us if you are a law enforcement investigator and wonder how it can do this.  Complete the form below or send an email to or call 423-384-2004. I will send you the two minutes and thirty seconds length video, and you can see for yourself exactly how it works.

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