Law enforcement agencies use a wide variety of vendors, databases, and systems to manage the information related to their many responsibilities for CMS, RMS, CAD, etc.  They face too many hurdles when they try to access, extract, or combine their information for analysis once they have signed a contract for service. 

The reasons for denial of access to their own information that are given to the agencies vary widely and include time, money, and technical issues.  I have even heard HIPAA used as a reason to keep information from the law enforcement agencies who own it.

The RAND Corporation, in conjunction with the Department of Justice studied the problems of information sharing for law enforcement a few years ago.  Their complete and detailed findings can be found on their website at .

We reviewed their report and discussed it with one of their researchers.  Our goal was to identify specific ways local law enforcement agencies can maintain better access and control of their information, after the contract is signed.  We came up with three clauses that can be included in any agreement with another organization who will manage data for an agency.  The specific language recommended for contracts can be downloaded or viewed online for your convenience. 

Request a copy of the recommendations with the link below.  It is a one-page document that is worth the time to read it.

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