Although the people who serve as our law enforcement officers don’t usually choose their profession for the opportunity to spend numerous hours on a computer searching for information, that is what they oftentimes are required to do. Badly needed information for their investigations has to be discovered, formatted, collated, and then analyzed in order to find specific information and associations that are of value to the investigation. This takes a lot of time, some skill, and a little bit of luck in being able to put all of this together.

The problem of analyzing information from different sources exists not only in systems external to law enforcement agencies. It is also a problem with internal systems. Investigators have to search multiple data sources within their own records management, jail, courts, etc. systems to find people, places, and events that help answer questions for their investigations. This creates problems of time, accuracy, and thoroughness of search results for detectives to analyze.

MSAT overcomes these problems by searching multiple sources of information at the same time. Simultaneous searching frees up time, improves accuracy of results, and sets the stage for more comprehensive analysis of the results.

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