Derry Software will help local governments connect with the ODMAP API, at no cost.



ODMAP, the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, is a service designed to allow public health officials and first responders to respond to the overdose crisis as it is occurring locally.  It does this by combining data in ODMAP so that different agencies can develop and deploy a real time plan to reduce both fatal and non-fatal overdoses.

ODMAP was created and is maintained by the Washington | Baltimore HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) to help reduce the thousands of drug overdoses experienced each year in the United States. 

Data entered in the system includes date, time, location, gender, sex, , suspected drug, naloxone dosage, and if the overdose was fatal. Spike alerts for increases in activity are received locally, in near real time. This facilitates a more comprehensive response locally. Sharing the event information helps with strategic analysis and planning nationally.

Our goal is to help local agencies get better access to their information.  ODMAP is a great way for them to accomplsih this in the overdose epidemic.  The requirements for using ODMAP are that you are a government employee with a concern in the overdose fight, and agree to ODMAPs terms of use.  The system is free, and now the automated connection is too. 

Agencies who are interested in learing more about connecting with and using ODMAP can contact us using one of the forms at the right of this page, or by calling us at 833-USE-MSAT (833-873-6728).

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