MSAT by Derry Software

Solve Cases Faster. Streamline Search Results

MSAT, the Multi Source Analysis Tool, is a brand new innovation concepted and developed specifically for law enforcement use in their criminal investigations. MSAT was made with one goal in mind, to help investigators solve cases faster. It does this by creating comprehensive data analytics packages to empower faster and more accurate investigations. MSAT assimilates vital case information from multiple internal and external sources to create a fully detailed intelligence picture, getting results to investigators faster using simplified methods for searching.


Time is critical to any criminal investigation, and law enforcement investigators often lose valuable minutes manually gathering and reviewing disparate jail, case management and cell phone records. Without efficient tools to compile reports and highlight associations, investigators face a more challenging path to catching the bad guys and closing lingering cases.


With access to better data, investigators can optimize their performance and uphold community safety. MSAT provides superior results for law enforcement investigators because of our advanced searching abilities:


  • Simultaneous Searching – MSAT searches multiple databases at the same time.  Search results are consolidated for accurate analysis, and they are returned fast!
  • Synchronized Searches – MSAT automatically conducts up to five different types of searches for every set of search criteria entered.  Multiple search attempts for the same information are eliminated. Investigators save time and reduce errors.
  • Simplified Summaries – MSAT makes analyzing search results easy to use with one click sorting, easy searching of search results, and the ability to delete individual rows within the search results.  Investigators can more easily identify patterns, associations, and timelines for their investigations with this feature.
  • Saved Searches – MSAT stores search criteria so that investigators only need to enter it once.  Officers only have to login and select their saved searches to see updated results in the future.


Improve Efficiency without Straining Resources

Save Time, Improve Quality

   While time is of the essence in any criminal investigation, law enforcement officers often lose valuable minutes gathering and reviewing different information sets from jail, case management and other relevant records. The frequent lack of available avenues to combine these data results with case-specific intelligence also complicates action for investigators. Derry Software’s MSAT drastically reduces investigation review and closure time by streamlining data source searches into a single, federated query.  In doing so, MSAT automatically uncovers potential associations between people, places, phones and events, delivering a ready-made, detailed information set. Derry Software’s support team also works closely with officers during every MSAT installation to further enhance efficiency, and provides continuous technical support, system updates and training for long-term optimization.


Simplified Interface

Solve More Cases. Spend Less Time

MSAT’s intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface empowers law enforcement officers to pursue more efficient and informed investigations from day one. Users can quickly import and store cell phone extractions and officer-provided information in MSAT’s built-in database, and combine this data with accessed incident and arrest reports, jail records and other available intelligence. Here, MSAT users can identify associations, trends and statistics across all imported and collected information by simply entering their search criteria. MSAT also saves search histories for convenient access as users reenter the program, and automatically updates queries with new information as it becomes available. By eliminating data collection hurdles, law enforcement teams can solve cases faster and without an extensive effort or resource need.

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