Save Time. Solve Crime. MSAT 2.0

Supercharge Investigations with New Technology

Law enforcement investigators experience better investigative results with MSAT, the Multi Source Analysis Tool by Derry Software.  MSAT takes advantage of leading edge software development techniques and some of the latest technologies available, and applies them specifically to law enforcement needs.  Combining these concepts powers investigations with significant improvements in securing, accessing, assimilating, searching, displaying, and sharing information. 


MSAT Offers These Distinct Advantages:


Superior Search Techniques

  • Search more information sources
  • Search hundreds of different queries at once, through our intuitive interface

Stronger System Security

  • Secure information with the pros in the Microsoft Azure Gov Cloud
  • Superior user authentication methods for system access and use

Simple Sharing when Needed

  • Share with other agencies with a click
  • Secure selected case information


Improve Efficiency without Straining Resources

Spend less time reporting information. Take more time for solving crime. Use MSAT.

MSAT drives down cost by using superior technology to achieve greater efficiency and security.  Our a la carte menu gives agencies the freedom to use only the services they need.



MSAT – Included in All Instances
Case Evidence Patrol
Search all sources Case Tracking Electronic Evidence Processing Incident Reporting
Synchronized Searching CI Management Integrate with MSAT and Case
Universal Imports Gang Validation

Stand Alone or Integrated


NIBRS Report Export
Interagency Sharing Share w/Prosecutors Simple to Use for Mobile Access
Mobile Friendly Secure Sensitive Case Information Individual Logs
GovCloud Security    

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