Derry Software has partnered with Rapiscan Systems to bring the MINI Z Backscatter system to law enforcement investigators. The Backscatter technology used by the MINI Z gives it the ability to “see” through vehicle doors and hidden panels, upholstery, and tires. This can greatly reduce the time it takes to search for contraband by identifying where it is located without the need to look for hidden compartments and items..

The MINI Z produces a real time image of the scan target that can be viewed on the MINI Z itself, or using a detachable tablet that comes with it.  The MINI Z is a compact, portable machine—it’s a foot long, and weighs 11 lbs., allowing it to be used virtually anywhere. It also comes with a 7” Premium IP65 500-nite brite sunlight readable tablet, which is separated from the scanner for real time review while scanning.

Combining the Enhanced Detection Panel with the MINI Z allows operators to select metallic threats for acquisition, such as weapons, and also provides investigators with a larger field of view for detection.

Contact us at 833-USE-MSAT (833-873-6728), or to schedule a demonstration to learn how well the MINI Z will work for you.

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