Derry Software provides software development-related services, including custom software design and development, maintenance and updates for existing applications, database design and analysis products, web and desktop interface design, user training, and project management. We have the experience and expertise to provide superior performance from our products. Our team members have demonstrated successes in government solutions for over 14 years solving problems for a wide variety of agencies and projects. Derry Software can employ a broad spectrum of technologies to develop a solution, but our project priorities and best differentiators remain unchanged:


We combine creative ideas with proven analysis methods for true design innovation and an optimal user experience. Our on-the-ground, tactical experience enables us to bring practical expertise and solid ideas to a technical solution. Altogether, the result is products and service that exceed the expectations of our customers.


The proven development methods we use lead to fast, focused, responsive delivery on a wide variety of projects. The Derry Software corporate structure produces an environment that has the freedom and ability to receive, analyze, and adapt to new and changing needs of our partners and clients.


Derry Software tailors our solutions down to the user level to achieve an excellent user experience. Our consultative approach, end-first development cycle, and unique database analysis and reporting tools ensure a comprehensive solution.


There are two significant hurdles that must be cleared for software development projects to be successful, regardless of the method used to solve them:
  • Understanding your needs and translating those needs to programmers
  • Fully informing you of your current options and future developments in technology that may affect you
Solving your specific information problems and pinpointing technology opportunities for your organization is how we attack every project we commit to.  Our nimble organizational structure provides us with the flexibility to approach any technology undertaking – from small-scale project to enterprise application software – with the utmost enthusiasm and commitment.


When you begin with the end in mind, user adoption of technology is all but assured. Our developers have over a decade of experience in providing clean, crisp, easy-to-use interfaces for the users of their products. They combine this with their expertise in developing cutting edge database design and smooth workflows to produce output and analysis when and where it is needed. The result is an outstanding User Experience.
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Design
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)


Derry Software, LLC is exicted to be a provider of Alchemize, a powerful solution for today’s data problems. Alchemize intelligently automates manual processes involved in data mapping, transformation, and migration. The result is greater efficiency and agility throughout the process, and even greater reduction in time and cost for data projects! Alchemize benefits include:  
  • Alchemize automates 80% of manual processes
  • Manage data at multiple phases throughout the project lifecycle
  • Replaces Excel based data mapping processes
  • Reduce the demand on IT resources and cost
  • Alchemize automation simplifies, standardzes, and reduces the time & risks involved in data projects


There are many options available today for obtaining software solutions. Over the Counter (OTC), ready-made programs provide good solutions and often have reasonable pricing for annual maintenance of their products. These options often solve 75-80% of the customer needs, but when only custom will do, you can still ensure your software project is delivered on time and on target.
  • Custom Software Design
  • Application Development
  • Database Design
  • Information Analysis Tools


Strategic integration allows you to get the most out of the data locked inside legacy, stand-alone information systems. We thrive in designing new capabilities for your system and integrating them into your existing framework and workflows. Derry Software developers have a long history of developing new solutions and combining those with a client’s existing information systems that results in a comprehensive structure and a seamless experience.
  • System Design
  • Continuous Integration


Our team members experience prior to creating Derry Software includes the design of information systems for law enforcement in Tennessee that are still in use throughout the United State by more than 2000 active users.  We have also successfully completed numerous information sharing projects and initiatives with non law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and commercial businesses.  These projects include local, state, and federal law enforcement,  along with health, mental health, military, information technology companies, geographic information system mapping technologies, non profit organizations, and the public.  Please contact us for a more detailed description of our experience.


Let’s talk about your project goals and technology needs in a free, no-risk consultation. We’re sure you’ll agree our goal-oriented approach to software development is just what you have been looking for.