Derry Software, LLC is excited to be a provider of Alchemize, a powerful solution for today’s data problems. Alchemize intelligently automates manual processes involved in data mapping, transformation, and migration. The result is greater efficiency and agility throughout the process, and even greater reduction in time and cost for data projects.


Alchemize is a data migration tool that is designed to greatly improve resources and results for the IT staff for data projects. These projects may be a one-time need for data migration or archiving, or one that requires constant data governance. Alchemize provides great value for both types. The unique Alchemize abilities to automate data mapping, scripting and data transformation are the secret to its proven results for reducing the time and risks of data projects. This automated process can save IT staff executing the data project up to 80% in demand for resources, time, and project dollars during these phases of the project.

The videos below will guide you through the four phases of a typical data migration project completed using Alchemize. They will help explain and demonstrate how the system can accomplish the process so efficiently. The phases we will use for the process are:

  • Pre-configuration
  • Initiate Alchemizer and Interrogate the System
  • System Mapping and Rulesets
  • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Monitoring in Real Time


Use Alchemize to analyze the source and target databases of the data migration project before the project begins, correcting for any differences found. This process reduces the time spent from weeks to hours, and positions the system to provide these benefits to the data owner:
  • Automate 80% of manual processes
  • Manage data at multiple phases throughout the project lifecycle
  • Replace Excel-based data mapping processes
  • Reduce the demand on IT resources and cost
  • Simplify, standardize and reduce the time and risks involved in data projects


Alchemize is able to interrogate the existing database, and then associate the data to the target database. This automated learning and association is how Alchemize can be used for any type of a database structure. The interrogation and association processing also results in automated learning as the process progresses. These associations also enable Alchemize to be used in many types of data projects: archiving, data migration, data governance, system updates and more.


Eliminate the manual data mapping and writing scripts to move data — usually the most time-consuming and difficult phase of a data project. This phase is where Alchemize really shines. The automated system mapping and establishment of reusable rulesets by Alchemize takes only a fraction of the time of these manual processes. The rulesets also can be used again and again for continuous and automated data governance.


Monitor project progress in real time, and view results after completion, with the Alchemize dashboard. Easily access and configure Alchemize rulesets in this phase to respond, pivot and manage data on the fly. No need to involve IT staff or “start over” when implementing rule changes.  Alchemize capabilities of automated intelligence, data mapping and processing, combined with the establishment of reusable rulesets, make Alchmize a vital component of any data project. Data owners will dramatically increase their accuracy, efficiency and speed in completing their data projects using Alchemize.


Alchemize puts the power to govern, control and optimize data in the hands of the owner. The goal of our data management experts is to serve and support enterprise users and partners, and to provide solutions to big data problems. We remain dedicated to our clients throughout the system of the product and project lifecycles. What is your data challenge?